KEEPING CALM Seven Key Skills to Being Calm in the Midst of Troubling Times

Would you like to face life’s troubles with confidence?
These seven skills can transform your life.
*When you read this book you will discover how to unlock the secrets of naturally calm people:
. • Have a calmer and happier life
. • Make better decisions
. • Get rid of constant anxiety
. • Lower the effects of stress
. • Get better rest and sleep
* If you apply all the skills in this book, you can be a calm person more powerfully in control of yourself and able to move through life with confidence, no matter what is going on around you.
*Calm people are more powerfully in control of themselves and more able to face life’s troubles. Anger and resentment do not have to erode your happiness. Calm is a powerful emotion to tame anger and heal anxiety. You can learn the skills for calming your heart.

Keeping Calm: Seven Key Skills to Being Calm in the Midst of Troubling Times contains information on how to recognize and develop the key skills to have a calmer and happier life, and quotes to stay calm. Being calm is a set of individual skills you can develop step by step. When you are feeling uneasy anxiety you can change to be stress free. You will learn the meaning of anxiety and its functions – like an anxiety wiki. These skills will help to get you through life making better decisions, having less distress, and having better relationships.

Do you want to know how to stay calm at work, to have the skills to cool the flames of anger in yourself and others? Do you have a feeling of being uncomfortable, not being able to rest, or like there is a faint gray mist between you and the things you need to know, or like a feeling of dread that you cannot quite identify. It may be caused by stress, worry or it may be hard to identify exactly why you are uneasy, but the feeling is there. If you apply the emotional, physical, and intellectual principles presented in this book, you can live your very best life, unhindered by debilitating levels of anxiety or uneasiness.

Making changes toward a calmer life is not hard. If you implement even two or three of the principles found in these pages, you will experience a calmer, happier life. If you apply all the skills, it can literally change the course of your life and have a positive effect on people around you. You can discover a revolution inside, a return to something even more powerful than calm. That is the presence of peace.
Another word for Keeping Calm is peace.

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