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Faith Makes a  Difference

Faith has spent all of her life observing people, reading, studying and learning about the world around her: what works and what doesn’t work. Her focus is always on how she can help people's lives be better.

As an experienced coach, mentor, consultant, counselor, author, and teacher, Faith has worked to develop and equip other people who help people so they can be more influential in the work they do. She guides them to be more effective in their job, to have more confidence, to communicate well, and to have better relationships with the people they serve, their co-workers and their own families.

I have a great free resource for you. It is the helpers Journey and Compassion Fatigue Guide. Do you want it?

Hi, my name is... Faith Winters

Faith Winters is an Expert Coach, Mentor, and Teacher

Let Faith walk with you as you add a depth of richness and hope to your life. She offers a calm and gentle acceptance of you, no matter where you are in life right now. Work with her to be more insightful of yourself and your world, be more effective in your work, more connected in your family, and able to face the future and its constant challenges with confidence. Faith helps people recognize their own strengths and build on those strengths so they can  discover success, even where success might the last thing expected.

Caring for others in need is hard work. Faith provides guidance to helping professionals so they can figure out how to do this vital and fulfilling work long term, avoiding compassion fatigue. She equips people with knowledge on how to stay energized, focused and have enduring enthusiasm for the work that they do. Faith is able to conceptualize the strengths people have and make a plan for how they can use those strengths to be more effective in the work that they do, coaching them on how they can have a thriving ministry and a thriving family life.

Faith Winters is simply authentic; what you see is what you get. Her faith in God, her relationship with Jesus, is the sustaining and defining principle of her life. Because she has experienced trauma, chaos, and abuse, it is Faith's personal mission for there to be less suffering in the world. That mission drives all the things that she does professionally and personally. Before she became a mental health therapist, Faith spent 25 years of her life self-employed, working as a wholesale sewing and crafting workroom for interior decorators. She helped people create beauty and comfort in their homes through the custom slip covers, pillows, window coverings and more that she created, all while being affected by the lingering emotional wounds of trauma, panic attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Faith understands what it means to heal from trauma and help others to heal from trauma. Faith grew up in the trauma of extreme poverty and abuse. God used professional counselors to take Faith through a healing process and she found relief from the emotional wounds from her traumatic past. The PTSD and panic attacks were finally gone. In the midst of that healing and growing process God called Faith to become a licensed mental health professional and teacher to help there to be less suffering in the world. She put in the time and effort to get the necessary education and training; a bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership and a master of arts degree counseling. Then she took another three years to gain the clinical experience necessary to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. This was a major accomplishment for an adult who never finished the seventh grade, and was never allowed to go to high school.

Faith has a GED and a Master’s Degree. She never attended a high school, never even finished middle school. At the age of 13 she was taken out of school and never allowed to return. The last grade she completed was sixth. Over the next 24 years she grazed through libraries doing “delight-directed studies.” Whatever she delighted in, whatever caught her interest, she studied. In order to get a GED in 1990 she took five tests, and received her GED certificate, with honors. Therefore, Faith understands the difference between "schooling" and "education." She has a lot of respect for people who educate themselves, in or out of school. Faith has tremendous compassion for those who experience the challenges of having the knowledge and education, but not the degrees or credentials to compete in our society.

Faith has taught thousands of people in university classes, residential recovery community groups, church workshops and business trainings. She focuses her training on communicating multiple ways they can work toward healing trauma, communicate more effectively, have calmer lives even in the midst of trouble, become better parents, and have better relationships.

Faith is an author of numerous books and online classes that are focused on helping people to heal, to grow, and to thrive.

Faith has spent over 18 years working as a mental health professional. She started her successful private practice right out of graduate school. Eight of those years included setting up and running a counseling program, where she clinically supervised dozens of therapists and volunteers for a residential recovery community that focused on helping people affected by extreme poverty, lack of stable housing, trauma, addictions and chaos. She was an integral part of helping the residents heal and grow as they moved into being successful members of society with permanent housing, a job and a solid support network.

Faith has helped many people in ministry figure out how to be more effective leaders in the ministries they are a part of and how to multiply their service by equipping others. She focuses on teaching people how to honor their calling while strengthening their own families.

Faith has consulted with a multitude of helping professionals on how to focus their work to better fit their passions and strengths, also helping them explore whether private practice is a good fit for them. For those who want to be in private practice she has mentored and coached them along that path.

How can Faith help you?

Reach out to me anytime!

I am an experienced therapist (LPC), life coach, and consultant. I want to help you personally and professionally. You can discover more by accessing my free guide to the Helpers Journey and Compassion Fatigue.

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