FUNDAMENTALS: Escape the lingering effects of bullying, abuse or trauma (Trauma Healing Series)

Life is hard. The lingering effects of past bullying, abuse, trauma, trouble, or chaos can negatively affect today’s relationships, today’s ability to make good decisions, and today’s ability to have joy. We may think we have put the past behind us, and yet the past seems to have trouble staying in the past. Often the feelings about the emotional wounds of the past drift into the present, making problems for today. By learning your fundamental human rights, developing inner awareness of your strengths, and understanding the contrast to past chaos you will step into a life with security, significance, and happiness. Discover the difference between a life hampered by the lingering effects of bullying, abuse, trauma, trouble, or chaos, and a healthy life. Understand your basic rights as a human and what that means in a healthy life. Explore how to have more peace within yourself, better relationships with others, plus freedom and contentment, no matter what is going on around you.



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Series: Trauma Healing Series
ISBN: 9781736736746
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