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How can I serve you?

I help people discover personal and professional success. With decades of counseling, community development, and work in missions, I have the expertise to take you to your highest level of peak performance.

You'll be unstoppable

I was struggling like you are today but I can help you to thrive!

Throughout my life I have come through many struggles, like you are struggling today. I know what works and what doesn’t work to help people to grow, heal and thrive. I live an abundant life now and I help people to thrive!

My many decades of life experience, surving and healing from trauma, getting a delayed education, and changing careers have uniquely equipped me to be of service to multitudes of people with a myriad of concerns.

You Are Important

"We all have a core value as people, no matter who we are, what we have done or what has happened to us. The choices you make today can give you a hopeful and thriving future."

Faith Winters, LPC

Services Provided

I work with people worldwide online and in my Beaverton OR office.

Life Coaching

You can be influential, effectively communicate and move toward achieving your highest goals. Let me help you more fully access the resources and strengths you have within you and focus them toward where you want to be. I can also help you develop new skills and resources to move toward new levels of confidence and competence.

Are you ready to reach new levels of influence and effectiveness?


You can heal and grow past the lingering effects of trauma, abuse, bullying and chaos.You can find freedom from the dysfunctional levels of anxiety. It is possible to heal from PTSD and panic. Relationships can be developed with good boundaries and restored to healthy functioning. Let me walk alongside you as you travel this healing path.

Mental Health Counseling
only available  in Oregon.


For leaders, and other motivated individuals I am available for consultation within any of my areas of expertise: Setting up, running a mental health practice; processing ethical concerns; leadership skill strengthening; conflict prevention and resolution; more effective communication;  private practice development,  and more.

What areas could you find benefit from professional consultation?


Through Approved Clinical Supervision let me help you develop your therapeutic strengths into the competent professional counselor you are striving to become. I approach therapy from a  cognitive basis, informed by family systems and wrapped in client centered, with a focus on ethics and spiritual integration of faith and practice.

Are you ready to be a more effective therapist?

Critical Incidents

A shooting in a mall. A death in a workplace.  A major workplace  change that affects all employees. What these critical incidents and many others have in common is a deeply stressful impact on the whole workforce. By providing consultation, education and caring, supportive debriefing services I help businesses return to optimal functional adaptations.

Can your organization benefit from  supportive  debriefing ?


As the author of numerous books that can provide you with  education, information, new ways you can develop your skills, enrich your relationships, and grow in confidence so you can become more effective and influential. Also how to recover from trauma and live an abundant life, adapting to life’s changing and challenging circumstances.

Which book will be the most useful to you right now?

You can be unstoppable too

"Faith Winters treated me with respect and understanding. She offered me a safe place to talk about personal issues that I couldn't share, at the time, with anyone else. She is highly skilled at helping one to recognize unhealthy ways of thinking and acting without being judgmental or condescending. At the same time, she's able to lead one to new ways of thinking with articulate, easy to understand analogies and examples. She has a wealth of knowledge she freely shares with others. Her goal is to get you healthy. I cannot thank her enough!! Faith is an inspiration and I deeply appreciated my time with her."

T. F.

My most asked questions...

Can my future be better?

Absolutely! I have worked with thousands of people and everyone of them had the possibility of having a better life. I have seen so many people being released from the barriers that hindered their life so that they could move forward and thrive! I am an incurable optimist. I see the hopeful possibilities everywhere.

Is my work with you confidential?

Confidentiality is important in most of the work I do. I treat your information with great care. I do not share your information with others without your knowledge or consent with the exception of ethical and legal boundaries which I will be glad to discuss before we start working together.

Can I afford to work with you? How much will this cost?

Yes, you can afford to work with me. The cost is clearly defined for the services and products I offer. Some are even free. You get to decide what level is most appropriate for you, your needs and your resources. We will clearly decide on the cost before we begin. No surprises. You can end accessing my services at any time. You are in control of what you spend. Don’t let finances get in the way of your growth.

How long will this take?

We will work together to define what you want to accomplish and what the steps are towards that. Then we can make estimates of the length of time involved.

Can you fix me? Or her? Or him? Or us?

The answer is No. That is not my job to  do something to people to 'fix' them.  I work WITH people, walking alongside of them as the gain insight, learn new skills and new ways to respond to life's challenges while growing more effective and influential.

If your question is: Can my life be better? Can relationships improve? Can I feel happiness again? Can I move toward my goals?

The answer is a resounding YES! And I can help you with that. Let me walk along side of you, consulting, guiding, coaching, mentoring as you discover the depth of your resources and strengths. I can help you learn how to use them, and new skills to make your life better and move forward toward your goals.

Reach out to me anytime!

I am an experienced therapist (LPC), life coach, and consultant. I want to help you personally and professionally. You can discover more by accessing my free guide to the Helpers Journey and Compassion Fatigue.

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